Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is your website bringing you customers?

Your website is, more often than not, the first place a prospective client will get a chance to be impressed by your organisation and your services. Even if you have first met a prospect in person, they will view your website to further ascertain an opinion on you as a prospective service provider.

This adds up to one truth - your website is important.

Ask yourself the following questions about your own website as a first stage in reviewing it's quality and suitability for your current activities.

1. Do you receive what you deem a suitable number of enquiries from the website
2. Does the website present an up-to-date picture of your business in terms of style and branding
3. Is the content up to date? Was your lost newsletter posted in March 2007? Is the content sales-orientated and aimed at creating an enquiry?
4. Are all your current products and services on the website and presented as clearly as they could be?
5. Do you take advantage of any opportunities to capture viewer data?
6. Have the websites of your competition overtaken yours in terms of style and design?
7. If you were searching for your own service, what your website impress you?
8. Does your website take advantage of social media such as Facebook, RSS feeds, blogs and others?
9. Is the navigation clear and can important information be found quickly and easily?

By answering these 9 questions, you now know whether your website is up to scratch or not. If you have determined that your website is fine right now, pose these questions to yourself again one year from today.

If the above questions have got you worried, then it is likely that you need to start looking at launching a new website. See the next blog post for more information on this.

Posted by Stuart Blott, General Manager of the Sutlet Group, a leading provider of business services in Thailand, including marketing planning, websites and creative design.


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